Different Dates For Signing Of Balance Sheet By Auditor And Director

    Posted By : damini / Published on : 07-Oct-2019 02:17 PM / View : 1189 / Comment : 0
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    Directors have approved the draft financial statement in board meeting dated 03.09.2019. I have filed MGT 14 accordingly as it's a public limited company.

    Director is saying that the date of generating UDIN is 05.09.2019.

    Can we put 2 dates on the balance sheet, one is signed on date by director and second is signed by the auditor of the company.

    In short, can we put 2 dates 03.09.2019 and 05.09.2019 in the balance sheet and profit and loss account (financial statements).

    In independent auditor report can we put the date 05.09.2019 only?
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