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    Posted By : Sohil / Published on : 31-May-2023 05:53 AM / View : 198 / Comment : 2

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    Dear All,

    We have reserved the name of a company but due to technical issues we were unable to file the Spice+ Part B and the name got lapsed. Later MCA has issued the resubmission remarks that the name of he company is identical with the other company for which we have filed clarification letter for the same, do we have any other means to get the company register with the same name
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    • If all attempts to register the company with the desired name have been unsuccessful poppy playtime chapter 3, you may need to consider choosing a different name for your company. Conduct a thorough search to ensure the new name is unique and not already registered by another entity.

      20-05-2024 / 10:08:35 AM
    • The company owners must prepare the MoA of a company before applying for the company registration. It is a mandatory document required to be submitted to the geometry dash Registrar of Companies while applying for company registration. The MoA must be signed by all the directors and members of the proposed company.

      23-05-2024 / 04:11:23 AM
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