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    What happens if E-way Bill is generated but goods are not transported?

    Posted By : Divya Saluja / Published on : 06-Oct-2018 10:46 PM / View : 525 / Comment : 2

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    Dear Member, Please Suggest me
    Read more on : transported goods generated bill happens

    • Dear Divya,

      find below answer to your question-

      E waybill can be canceled electronically within 24hrs of its generation. however, e waybill cannot be canceled if it has been verified by the officer during transit.

      06-10-2018 / 04:49:21 AM
    • If E-way Bill is generated and Goods are not transported within stipulated time then E-way Bill (already generated) need to be cancelled within 24 hours.

      If E-way Bill is not cancelled, then it will be deemed that you have made a Supply (as mentioned in E-way Bill) and You will have to pay GST on such deemed Supply.

      17-04-2019 / 04:24:25 PM
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