While filling inc 22A its show error that in

    Posted By : Rahul / Published on : 11-Apr-2019 05:05 AM / View : 719 / Comment : 7
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    In case AR is not filed for financiap year 17-18 filling shall not be allowed for the companies which are not marked for management dispute?
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    • Dear Sir

      One of the preconditions for filling INC-22A is that the company must file its AR for FY 2017-18, therefore please file AR for the FY 17-18 first.

      Thank you



      12-04-2019 / 05:17:13 AM
    • Thank u maim

      12-04-2019 / 11:47:04 PM
    • What IS Ar i can't understand about Ar.


      12-04-2019 / 11:55:06 PM
    • Dear Sir

      As you mentioned AR in your question as Annual Return it means the same for the answer too.



      17-04-2019 / 05:24:15 AM
    • But my company incorporate on date 01-10-2018,

      nd due date for filing mgt 7 is 29 th nov 2019

      How can i file mgt 7 on current date 

      17-04-2019 / 07:10:51 PM
    • Dear Sir 

      All the companies that incorporated on or before 31.12.2017 shall file INC -22A, since your company incorporated on 1/10/2018 you are not required to file INC-22 A. Further sir your first financial year will end on 31/03/2019 after which you are required to conduct your AGM within 9 months from the end of first Financial year and then file MGT-07 within 60 days from conclusion of AGM therefore, you cannot file form MGT-07 on the current date.


      19-04-2019 / 05:08:02 AM
    • Thank u so much maim,

      Explained with your so much Patience

      I hope you will help further.

      19-04-2019 / 06:54:23 AM

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