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    DIR-12 can be file for multiple purposes ?

    Posted By : KAMAL / Published on : 09-Aug-2022 07:30 AM / View : 696 / Comment : 1

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    If in any company there is Appointment of 2 director and resignation of 1 Director can be done through filing Single DIR-12 ?
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    • Yes, You can if all Events are within 30 days from the first change.


      Existing company is required to file an eForm DIR-12 for particulars of its directors and key managerial personnel of the company with the Registrar, within 30 days from the date of appointment/ resignation and of any change taking place in their designations.

      The minimum number of directors in case of OPC is 1, private company is 2 and 3 in case of public company. 

      You can file this eForm with different event dates (date of appointment, date of change in designation and date of cessation) only if these dates are within 30 days of the filing date. If any of the date(s) are beyond 30 days, then separate form is to be filed for every such event date. For example: 

      "Director A is appointed on 1st April, Director B is appointed on 18th April, and Director C ceases to be associated with the company w.e.f. 18th April. In such a case details of all the three changes can be filed through the same Form DIR-12 only if the Form is filed on or before 1st May, as all the events fall within 30 days. However, if the company files the eForm DIR-12 on 10th of May, then details in a separate eForm would be required to be filed in respect of Director A." 

      • For filing of details of two or more events (for example, appointment and cessation) relating to the same person, you are required to file separate forms. These cannot be filed through the same eForm. 


      • It is advised that you file the eForm in the chronological order of events. It implies that before filing this eForm you should ensure that no Form DIR-12 is pending to be filed for the particular company where the date of event is earlier than the date(s) entered in this form. 


      In case of appointment of a director the person being appointed should not be associated with more than 20 companies as a Director and in case of public company, the appointment of director shall not be allowed if he is already a Director in more than 10 public companies. 


      • If number of directors is more than 15, separate forms shall be filed. 

      eForm can be filed for one company secretary in the company as company cannot have more than one person as its company secretary. 


      Note: DIR-12 eForm will be auto approved in case it is filed by the existing company (STP) except the case where form is filed for cessation of director u/s 167 or 169. 

      09-08-2022 / 07:49:51 AM
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