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    PAS-6 Filing by all other then small company

    Posted By : SHALU / Published on : 09-Feb-2024 11:53 AM / View : 138 / Comment : 4

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    As of 27.10.2023, it is now mandatory for all private companies (excluding small companies) to dematerialize their securities. This requirement is outlined in Rule 9B of the PAS Rules.

    Applicable for Section -8 as well ?
    Read more on : company small then other filing

    • Thanks for sharing rule 9B of the PAS Rules, marking a significant regulatory shift in the handling of securities within the private sector.

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      13-02-2024 / 07:21:31 AM
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    • Based on the text you provided, the requirement for private companies to dematerialize their securities is specified in Rule 9B of the PAS Rules. As for whether this requirement applies to Section-8 companies as well, the information provided does not explicitly mention Section-8 companies. You may need to refer to the specific regulations or seek further clarification to determine if Section-8 companies are also subject to this dematerialization requirement. drive mad 2

      22-02-2024 / 08:37:09 AM
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