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    Re-appointment of MD and WTD

    Posted By : Abhilash / Published on : 09-Jun-2018 05:59 AM / View : 2472 / Comment : 1

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    hello everyone, the MD and WTD was reappointed on 01/04/2013 in Board Meeting helond on 01/04/2013 now we are required to reappoint them in 2018 as 5years of period has been expired. and as per section 196 of compamies act 2013, it says that that MD or WTD can be appointed not 1year before the expiry of the term now my question is he terms expires on 31.03.2018. so, can we appoint the as MD and WTD in the board meeting help in 29.05.2018 or we have to appoint them on BM held on 14.02.2018 which is earlier than the expiry of his term. help will be appreciated
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      08-06-2018 / 03:00:45 PM
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