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    registration of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) under the Companies Act

    Posted By : SHALU / Published on : 08-Jun-2023 10:12 AM / View : 76 / Comment : 0

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    Please reply on my Query if any one can help :

    What is the process for registering an LLP under the Companies Act?
    What are the minimum and maximum numbers of partners required to form an LLP?
    Can foreign nationals or entities be partners in an LLP?
    Are there any restrictions on the business activities that can be undertaken by an LLP?
    What documents are required for the registration of an LLP?
    Is there a requirement for a registered office address for an LLP?
    Are there any specific qualifications or eligibility criteria for becoming a partner in an LLP?
    What is the procedure for changing the partners or adding new partners to an existing LLP?
    Are LLPs required to maintain any statutory records or books of accounts?
    What are the annual compliance requirements for an LLP?
    Is it possible to convert an existing partnership firm into an LLP?
    What are the advantages of registering a business as an LLP compared to a private limited company?
    Are LLPs required to pay any specific taxes or comply with any tax-related obligations?
    How long does it typically take to register an LLP under the Companies Act?
    What is the role and responsibility of a designated partner in an LLP?
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