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    NIC Code

    Posted By : Gaurav / Published on : 02-Jul-2022 09:28 AM / View : 3603 / Comment : 5

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    Please tell us the NIC code for NGO as Section 8 Company
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    • Hi Member,

      NIC code for Section 8 company is generally taken as 85 (Health and Social Work) 

      06-07-2022 / 04:55:32 AM
    • The National Industrial Classification (NIC) is a system used in India to categorize different economic activities. The NIC code for NGOs or Section 8 companies depends on the nature of their activities.

      The NIC code for Section 8 companies can be found under the Services sector. Some of the commonly used NIC codes for NGOs or Section 8 companies are:

      1. 88.99 - Other social work activities without accommodation

      2. 94.99 - Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c. (not elsewhere classified)

      3. 85.14 - General public administration activities

      It is important to note that the appropriate NIC code for an NGO or a Section 8 company may depend on the specific nature of their activities. It is advisable to consult a qualified professional, such as a chartered accountant or a lawyer, for assistance in identifying the correct NIC code for your organization.

      28-03-2023 / 12:01:49 PM
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