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    Removal of Name form ROC

    Posted By : Shiriti / Published on : 05-Apr-2022 09:58 AM / View : 624 / Comment : 4

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    What is the remedial action in case of a company whose name is removed from the register of Companies
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    • Dear Member,

      Where the name of the has been removed by the RoC, the company may appeal to the Tribunal within 3 years from the date of passing of order by RoC under Section 252 of the Companies Act.

      21-04-2022 / 05:04:39 AM
    • If a company's name has been removed from the register of companies by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) under Section 252 of the Companies Act, it means that the company has been struck off or dissolved. In such a situation, the following remedial actions can be taken:

      1. Revival: If the company wishes to continue its operations, it can apply for revival within 20 years from the date of striking off. For this, the company needs to file an application for revival with the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) along with all the required documents and fees.

      2. Incorporation: If the company does not want to revive its operations, it can be incorporated again as a new entity by following the procedure for incorporation under the Companies Act.

      3. Legal Action: The directors and officers of the company may face legal action if they fail to comply with the provisions of the Companies Act. They may be held personally liable for any debts, liabilities, or obligations of the company.

      It is advisable for companies to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act and file all necessary returns and documents with the ROC on time to avoid being struck off from the register of companies.

      31-03-2023 / 12:08:09 PM
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