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    SH-7 for Reclassification of AC in RoC Mumbai

    Posted By : Sachin / Published on : 15-Apr-2021 08:42 AM / View : 1223 / Comment : 0

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    Dear All,

    I understand, in the past, some RoCs have rejected SH7 filed for reclassification of Authorized cap by way of cancelling unis sued portion of one class of shares and to increase another class of shares. Reason for this could be that SH7 didn’t have a specific option for reclassification of authorized cap.

    However, in Jan 2021, SH7 got upgraded by MCA and the option “Cancellation of unis sued shares of one class and increase in shares of another class” has been newly added. Even Sec 61 (1)(e) allows for same.

    Given this, wanted to check if RoCs are approving SH7 for reclassification of one class to another class of shares post Jan 2021? Particularly, wanted to check if RoC Mumbai such SH7. Pls let me know if someone has got such form SH7 approved by RoC Mumbai very recently say in last 2-3 months
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