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    Regularization of Additional Director

    Posted By : Sachin / Published on : 07-Dec-2022 06:05 AM / View : 943 / Comment : 6

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    Dear all,

    What are the consequences of not regularizing Additional Director in Annual General Meeting. What can be solution to get rid of additional fee?
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    • If a person is appointed as an additional director of a company in a board meeting, then the board of directors must approve the appointment within three months from the date of the meeting, at which the person was appointed.

      If the approval is not obtained within this time period, then the appointment of the additional director will be deemed to have ceased from the date of the meeting in which he was appointed.

      If the board of directors approves the appointment of the additional director within the stipulated time period, then the company must file Form DIR-12 with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) within 30 days of the approval.

      Once the Form DIR-12 is filed, the additional director will become a regular director of the company, subject to the terms and conditions of his appointment. It is important to note that the regularisation of an additional director does not require the approval of shareholders, unless the Articles of Association of the company specifically require it.

      28-03-2023 / 12:20:12 PM
    • The tenure of an additional director is only valid until the next AGM. His tenure will immediately end if he is not regularised krunker at the AGM.

      28-07-2023 / 08:09:11 AM
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