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    Stamp Duty on LLP Agreement of Rajasthan state

    Posted By : Sachin / Published on : 11-Feb-2021 07:42 AM / View : 234 / Comment : 0
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    Dear Friends,

    We had incorporated LLP with 2,00,000/- capital in state of Rajasthan. Would like to know that one partner is in Mumbai and another in Rajasthan and registered office is of Rajasthan. Kindly reply on following points:
    1. What is stamp duty on LLP Agreement with 2,00,000/- capital in state of Rajasthan?
    2. Whether we can pay stamp duty from Mumbai or not through any medium?
    3. If both partners are at different states then which will be place of execution Mumbai or Rajasthan?

    Kindly revert its bit urgent.
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