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    Voluntary winding up of a small private limited Company

    Posted By : SHALU / Published on : 17-Sep-2022 09:08 AM / View : 103 / Comment : 1

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    What are the process for Voluntary winding up of a small private limited Company. Please share
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    • Dear Shalu,

      For winding up of a small company

      • Majority of Directors should pass Board Resolution and declare that the company has no debts
      • Call General meeting and pass Special Resolution
      • Within 30 days from the passing of the resolution, a statement of accounts has to be prepared, stating that there are no assets and liabilities except share capital and profit and loss debit balance.
      • Account and Special Resolution to be filed with the Registrar

      If the Registrar is satisfied, it will pass an order stating that the company be wound up within 60 days.

      Hope it helps!

      19-09-2022 / 05:19:47 AM
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