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    Why its need to file INC-22 after Incorporation ?

    Posted By : SHALU / Published on : 08-Aug-2022 08:34 AM / View : 307 / Comment : 2

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    It is mandatory for every company to file INC-22 after its incorporation within 30 days under respective RoC as per section 12(2) of Companies Act, 2013?
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    • Hi Shalu!

      The company is required to furnish to the Registrar verification of its registered office in eForm INC-22 within a period of thirty days from the date of its incorporation. The company can also specify the address of registered office at the time of filing incorporation eForms. For this, the applicant shall upload eForm INC-22 as linked form to eForm INC-7. In case of One Person Company, the particulars of the registered office address can be filed in eForm INC-2 only.

      And any change in situation of the registered office thereafter, the company is required to notify to Registrar in eForm INC-22 within fifteen days of such change.

      Therefore, it is mandatory to file INC-22 in case of every company except One Person Company.

      09-08-2022 / 05:06:25 AM
    • Dear Ms. Juhee 

      Incorporation proceduce got changed a long before. we can file all details at one go with Spice along with address. No eForm INC-22 as linked form to eForm INC-7 which is old process. 

      Please chcek


      09-08-2022 / 08:38:23 AM
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