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    Can a company continue new set of activities without name change

    Posted By : Vidushi / Published on : 16-Jul-2022 05:15 AM / View : 267 / Comment : 1

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    Hi Member,

    Please tell me if my company is already registered with a certain name enters into new set of activities of business which are not in consonance with the name of the company. Can a company continue with such activities of business ?

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    • If a company is already registered with a certain name and wishes to carry out new activities of business that are not in consonance with the name of the company, it may do so by changing its name to reflect its new activities. This is because the name of a company is a vital aspect of its identity, and it must accurately reflect the nature of its business.

      As per the Companies Act, 2013, a company can change its name by passing a special resolution in a general meeting and obtaining approval from the Registrar of Companies (RoC). The company must also comply with the rules and regulations related to name change, such as publishing a notice of the proposed name change in a local newspaper and filing the necessary forms with the RoC.

      Therefore, in order to continue with the new activities of business, the company should change its name to reflect its new identity. Until such time, it may be advisable to use a trade name or brand name for the new activities to avoid any confusion with the existing name of the company.

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