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    Change in Regd Office of a Pvt Ltd Co

    Posted By : Sachin / Published on : 16-Nov-2022 05:47 AM / View : 350 / Comment : 1

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    Kindly guide me that the procedure followed for change in the regd off within the city of a private Ltd Co is same as the change in the regd off of a subsidiary Co. Holding Co is a foreign Co.
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    • As per the Companies Act, 2013, a private limited company can change its registered office by following the procedure mentioned below:

      1. Convene a Board Meeting: A Board Meeting should be convened to consider and approve the proposal for change in registered office. A notice of at least seven days should be given to all the directors of the company. A resolution should be passed at the Board Meeting to approve the proposal for change in registered office.

      2. Give Notice: A notice of the proposed change should be given to all the members of the company and creditors, if any. The notice should be sent by registered post or by speed post or by electronic means.

      3. File Form INC-22: A company is required to file Form INC-22 with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) within 30 days of the change in the registered office. The following documents should be attached along with the form:

      • Proof of registered office address (e.g. electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.)
      • A copy of the Board Resolution approving the change in registered office
      • A copy of the notice sent to the members and creditors
      • Any other document as required by the ROC.
      1. Update the Registered Office Address: Once the form is approved by the ROC, the company should update its registered office address on all its official documents, including letterheads, invoices, website, etc.

      It is important to note that a change in registered office address does not affect the legal status of the company. The company continues to exist as a separate legal entity with the same name and identity.

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