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    Director Removal in Private Limited Company

    Posted By : Sachin / Published on : 16-May-2022 01:31 PM / View : 401 / Comment : 0

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    In my case, there is a newly incorporated private limited company (1 year Completed) which consist of :

    1. Director - A (holding 51% share)
    2. Director - B (holding 49% Share)
    3. Director - C ( not a shareholder)(appointed as director recently)
    ** Authorized Capital =Rs.15 Lakhs and Paid Up Capital = Rs.2 Lakhs **( Rs.10 per Share)

    Since Director-A is negligence in his work and due to some other reasons , the other two directors is decided to remove him from the company.

    And my question is:-

    1. Is it possible to remove Director -A by the other two directors?
    2. Is it possible to remove Director -A without his Consent?
    3. Is it possible to increase Paid up Share Capital , without the approval of Director-A?
    So that, Director - B and Director-C can contribute more and hold the majority shares.
    It may helpful for taking actions without the consent of Director-A.

    So, kindly guide me with the references and help me to solve this case.
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