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    Technical Problem in ESIC and EPF registration for company incorporated in Transition period from SPICE to SPICE +

    Posted By : Damini / Published on : 21-Aug-2020 08:05 AM / View : 2116 / Comment : 0

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    Dear All,

    rief facts of the case:

    We are facing a problem while doing ESIC and EPF registration on "" of a company which was incorporated during transition period from SPICE to SPICE + form. Name approval was done before 15.02.2020 hence it was incorporated using earlier SPICE form and AGILE form instead of SPICE + and AGILE pro but actually incorporation process completed in 3rd March, 2020 (after the cut off date as per shram suvidha portal). ESI and PF registration was optional in Eariler AGILE form which is mandatory in AGILE pro form and we opted for not to register under ESI and PF Act at the time of incorporation. Now there business is expanding and they mandatorily have to register under ESIC and EPF, but we could not process that because "" portal is not supported for the same.

    Technical Problem:
    Message displayed is " You are not authorised for registration. Registration for EPFO and ESIC for new public & private limited companies and OPC has been stopped on Shram Suvidha Portal from 15.02.2020.
    W.e.f. 15.02.2020, new public and private limited companies and OPC shall get registration number for EPFO and ESIC on MCA portal through SPICE + and AGILE pro e forms only at the time of incorporation.
    However, the above new companies will have to comply with the provisons of EPF & MP Act, 1952 and ESI Act, 1948 when they cross the threshold limit of employment under the respective acts.

    Can anyone help me to whom We should I contact for solution of above problem.
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