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    Job work issue

    Posted By : mahimajain / Published on : 06-Oct-2022 03:48 AM / View : 323 / Comment : 0

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    Hello professionals,

    A Company holding GST Number of Andhra Pradesh is getting job work done in Andhra Pradesh for export purpose and after getting the job work done duly finished goods is sent to Bombay consignment wise for storing purpose so that all the consignments should be exported at one time via Bombay Port. We are holding GST Number of Bombay also but Andhra Pradesh GST Number shall be quoted on shipping bill though export is being affected through Bombay Port. As the consignments with duly job work done was sent to Bombay for storing purpose so that should be exported through Bombay Port, issue of stock transfer does not arise. In such a situation what precautions should be taken while generating e-way bill.

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