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    Auditor appointed in casual vacancy is not getting prefilled IN INC-22 A

    Posted By : CS Shiriti / Published on : 21-May-2019 05:55 AM / View : 459 / Comment : 0

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    Form INC 22A prefilled the details of the auditor wrongly. I further understood that the details prefilled are that of the old auditors & the auditor appointed in casual vacancy is not getting prefilled. Inspite of raising tickets i find no use & no reply. Couldn't answer my client due to this issue & facing a situation as if i am not interested/delaying the filing.

    This is also a important issue to be addressed left out. MCA even after coming out with a notification for GNL-2 filers again many confusions arose regarding the same.

    The main purpose of extension is not yet resolved and only one month hardly left behind from this day. How to (Who will) address the left out key issues ?

    My humble submission to MCA is to permit & provide a one stop solution by: Relaxing additional fee for any type of ADT-1 until 15/06/2019 irrespective of restricting only to GNL-2 filers. Though senseless & irrational, sometimes little relaxation can make many non filers & Z999999 users to compliant mode. This relaxation can help many companies to file INC-22A on dot on time.

    Already Commerce ministry has received many representation from industrial & corporate associations which has made them write a letter to MCA to ease many conditions in line with ease of business objective of government. This reminds me of the term "Less Government & More Governance". MCA has left out big defaulters, big corporates, MNC's rather catching hold of small business doers, small entrepreneurs, small start-ups, small companies and drag them to too much compliance ambit.

    Resulting to many conversion of public companies to private companies and many strike off applications by active companies. Really a good initiative but the element of compliance with undue willingness has cropped.

    All of the views and opinions are that of mine & is never meant to harm or point out the actions of the MCA or Government. As a PCS & as a responsible stakeholder I respect the govt policies all the time. One day our voices could reach the ears of big men.


    CS Prakash Nagarajan
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