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    Every Meeting of the Board should be serially numbered

    Posted By : SARIKA / Published on : 20-Jun-2022 11:32 AM / View : 519 / Comment : 0

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    Under Guidance note given example how to do Serially Numbered the meetings like:

    1. Serially numbering on Calendar Year basis as follows: “1/2022”, “2/ 2022”, “3/2022” and so on…. In the next year, numbering would be “1/2023”, “2/2023”, “3/2023” and so on.

    (2. Serially numbering on financial year basis as follows: “1/2021-22”, “2/2021-22”, “3/2021-22” and so on….or 1/21-22, 2/21-22, 3/21-22 and so on......

    (iii)Continuous serially numbering across years: 119th Meeting , 120th Meeting, 121st Meeting, 122nd Meeting and so on ……

    Here, a company may choose to either count and give continuous numbering from its incorporation or give continuous numbering from Meetings held on or after 1st July, 2015 (applicable), this being the date from which SS-1 became effective.

    But please confirm if issuing CTC of any meeting that also would be also serially numbered ??
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