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    In case of loss also need to round off the balance sheet figures ?

    Posted By : SARIKA / Published on : 22-Sep-2022 07:36 AM / View : 526 / Comment : 2

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    We have to compulsorily round off the Figures in your financial statements.

    for companies over 100 Crores, it is Lakhs, Millions, or Crores or 100 Crores
    for companies below 100 crores, it is hundreds, thousands, lakhs or crores

    But in case of loss what to do ?
    Read more on : balance sheet figures round need loss also case

    • 22-09-2022 / 07:56:02 AM
    • Dear Members,

      As per the amendment in Schedule III, the figures in the financial statements of a Company is in thousands. However, the rounded off figures cannot be mentioned in Form AOC-4, though the financial statements which would be attached with the Form will be rounded off figures.
      Kindly suggest whether to mention actual figures in Form AOC-4 and whether any clarification letter needs to be attached related to the same?
      26-09-2022 / 09:41:54 AM
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