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    Transcript of AGM conducted through VC or OAVM

    Posted By : CS Shiriti / Published on : 15-Jun-2022 08:31 AM / View : 361 / Comment : 2

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    Shareholders and Directors have any rights to ask for the copy of recorded transcript of AGM conducted through VC or OAVM?
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    • Dear Member 

      As per the clarification from ICSI:

      Public companies have to mandatorily upload the recorded transcript on the web site of the company, if any.

      In case where a company has no website and has not uploaded the transcript, may provide a copy of the same to the shareholder who ever has asked for the same.

      In case of a private company there is no such requirement of uploading the recorded transcript on the website of the company. However, even in such cases as a good Governance measure copy of the recorded transcript may be made available, since there is no confidentiality as such is involved.

      16-06-2022 / 05:53:42 AM
    • Thanks for your Quick response Ms. Juhee Goyal Juhee Goyal


      16-06-2022 / 06:35:28 AM
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