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    What is Class 99 under Trademark Law

    Posted By : SARIKA / Published on : 20-Sep-2022 10:15 AM / View : 438 / Comment : 4

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    how to file for Class 99 under trademark for the multi-class trademark application as per Section 18 of Trademark Act, 1999
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    • Trademarks Act 1999, classified the goods and services into different classes. Class 1-34 deals with (Goods) and Class 35-45 deals with(Services).

      A proprietor may identified his class according to its goods or services which he is going to provide. A trademark application can be made either through single class or multiple class trademark application. Multiple class trademark registration application is also known as Class 99 Trademark. Multiple class trademark application is done when the proprietor is applying for trademark registration in more than three classes. Indian Trademarks Act allows applicants to file a multi-class trademark with a single application if the applicant wishes to register the mark covering goods and services spanning multiple classes.

      Class 99 Tradeamarks comes under Section 18 of the Trademarks Act 1999, which allows a proprietor to obtain protection in various classes with a single trademark application, by paying the prescribed government fees for every class. 

      You can learn more about Class 99 Trademark here. 


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