Change in constitution of Auditors Firm and Signing of Auditors Report & Financial Statements

    Posted By : CS Gaurav / Published on : 21-Oct-2017 05:49 PM / View : 3288 / Comment : 4
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    Fellow Members, A proprietorship CA firm was appointed as Statutory Auditors as the first Auditors of the company for FY 2016-17. As on 1st April, 2017, the proprietor firm has been merged into a partnership firm and as on date of signing of Auditors Report & Financial Statements, the proprietor firm is not in existence. My query on whom behalf Auditors Report & Financial Statements will be signed by the Auditor: in the name of proprietor firm or partnership firm.
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    • In view of your query,

      As per my understanging: Same Auditor will sign the Audit Report in the capacity of his own individuality (ADT-1 to be filed for change of Firm only), and Audit Report for year ended 31.03.2017 will be signed by same Auditor after changing of firm Name from Proprietorship firm to Partnership Firm.

      Others views are solicitated.

      21-10-2017 / 01:28:55 PM
    • Once the constitution gets changed then the company has to appoint the partneship firm as Auditor as fresh.Now audit Report can be signed by the partner of the form which means its not necessary that the Individual sole proprietor has only to attest it.For all purposes once the sole proprietorship converted into firm then No more sole proprietorship.

      21-10-2017 / 03:24:36 PM
      • Yes Madhavan S Jee,

        I would like to add that that the same will not come under Resignation and thus filing of ADT-3 is not required. Rather, while uploading the ADT-1, SRN of previous ADT-1 (instead of ADT-3) has to be used in the Fresh ADT-1.

        We can not use Z99999999 in ADT-1.

        21-10-2017 / 03:42:42 PM

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