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    Key Managerial Personnel (KMP)

    Posted By : SARIKA / Published on : 02-Jul-2022 10:37 AM / View : 203 / Comment : 2

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    Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) is same under the Companies Act 2013 and Securities and Exchange Board of India (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2018 ?
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    • Dear Madam,


      KMP is defined as follows in the SEBI(ICDR)

      key managerial personnel” means the officers or personnel of the issuer who are members of its core management team (excluding board of directors) and includes members of the management one level below the executive directors of the issuer, functional heads and ‘key managerial personnel’ as defined under the Companies Act, 2013 or any other person whom the issuer may declare as a key managerial personnel

      So it is clarified that the meaning of KMP is wider in SEBI(ICDR) as compared to The Companies Act, 2013

      Example:- A Person who is the Head of Marketing (Functional head) would be designated as a KMP as per SEBI ICDR but not as per the Companies Act


      Hope it helps!!

      07-07-2022 / 05:08:16 AM
    • Can you please quote the Section under SEBI LODR as well as Companies Act ?

      Any case law on this ?

      12-07-2022 / 05:22:45 AM
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