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    Proposed and Secondment is mandatory when meeting is through VC or OAVM

    Posted By : CS Shiriti / Published on : 15-Jun-2022 08:32 AM / View : 764 / Comment : 2

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    Whether in General meeting through VC or OAVM, Proposed and Secondment is mandatory?
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    • Dear Mam

      As per para 7.1 of SS- 2:

      Every Resolution, except a Resolution which has been put to vote through Remote e-Voting or on which a poll has been demanded, shall be proposed by a Member and seconded by another Member.

      In case of remote e-voting the voting commences before a general meeting. Therefore, in such cases, the formality of “proposed by” and “seconded by” need not be adhered to. Further, in cases where a resolution on which a poll is demanded, proposing and seconding of such a resolution is not possible and hence not made applicable in such cases.

      Though SS- 2 clearly mentions the above on proposing and seconding and no relaxation has been granted other than above, becomes mandatory that the resolution to be proposed and seconded by the members in the meeting held through video conferencing or other audio visual means.

      16-06-2022 / 06:04:16 AM
    • Many Thnaks for your Reply Juhee Goyal Juhee Goyal

      16-06-2022 / 06:34:42 AM
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