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    conversion of Unlisted Public Limited Company to Private Limited

    Posted By : SARIKA / Published on : 11-Jul-2022 08:13 AM / View : 237 / Comment : 2

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    Share the procedure for conversion of Unlisted Public Limited Company to Private Limited if anyone can help.
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    • Dear Member!

      Please refer to Section 13, 14, 18 of Companies Act, 2013, and The Companies Incorporation (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2018.

      Procedure required to be followed:

      1. Conduct BM

      2. Convene EGM and Pass SR.

      3. File FORM MGT-14: To file for Special Resolution Passed in General Meeting

      4. File FORM GNL-2: Submission of required Documents to ROC

      5. FORM RD-1: Application of Conversion made to Regional Director.

      6. Form RD-GNL-5 : To file re-submissions to RD (filing Addendum for Rectification of Defects or Incompleteness

      7. Form INC-28 : To file copy of Order of RD

      Hope it helps!


      12-07-2022 / 05:44:54 AM
    • Dear Member,


      Conversion of Public company into Private company requires alteration of MOA (REFER SECTION 13) and adaptation of new Articles (REFER SECTION 14)

      Section 18 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with The Companies Incorporation (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2014, provides for the conversion of the company


      Followings are the steps

      1. Issue of the Notice of Board Meeting

      2. Hold the Board Meeting and issue the notice of general meeting

      3. Hold the General Meeting and pass Special Resolution.

      4. File Form MGT-14 within 30 days of passing Special Resolution

      5. Application is required to be made to Regional Director, but the Company Shall, At Least Twenty One Days before the Date of Filing of the Application to RD, advertise in the Form No.INC.25A

      6. Within 60 days of passing Special Resolution application shall be made to RD, in e-form RD-1, 

      7. If any objection is received against advertisement company shall submit the objection to the RD

      8. Any further information to the RD is to be submitted in e-form RD-GNL-5

      9. Order of RD is to be filed with the Registrar in form INC-28


      Hope it helps!!

      12-07-2022 / 06:00:50 AM
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